Soothe Body Bar

Soothe Body Bar

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Our all-natural artisan bars are formulated with organic oils and butters to nurture your skin. These bars are perfect for all skin types and will elevate your Unwind experience. Many with dry skin, eczema, have enjoyed the rich, creamy, soothing, lather.


*non-drying to the skin

*Soothes dry skin due to eczema and other conditions


Organic olive oil- Moisturizes the skin, Reduces the signs of aging, Helps cleanse the skin, Promotes wound healing:

Organic coconut oil- Moisturizes dry skin, reduces inflammation, promotes wound healing Antibacterial, improves skin texture, Nurtures your skins barrier.

Organic Shae butter- relieves dry skin, eases redness in skin. improves eczema, 

Organic Kokum butter- non-comedogenic, rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing, helps with cell turnover, soothes inflamed skin.

Avocado oil- moisturizes and nourishing the skin, assist in healing acne, psoriasis, and wounds, soothes inflammation.

Castor oil- rich in fatty acids that soothe the skin, highly moisturizing, hydrates.

Distilled Water-

Sodium Hydroxide lye

detergent free, paraben free, unscented or essential oil scented

 Weight: 5.5-6 oz Bars

** Note: please review ingredient list for any potential allergies**

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