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You've been waiting and it is here!! 

Get together with your friends for a fun crafting activity of making cold process handmade natural soap. Perfect for a date or a fun time out with the friends. No experience is necessary and we provide all the materials to craft a mini loaf of soap. 

What's included:

**2 hours of fun hands making and decorating soap.

**Soap tools: silicone mold that you will take home.

** The soap will yield you 3 bars of soap

**Aprons for use during making

**PPE mask, safety glasses and gloves  spoons etc. for use during making

**Soap making materials will be provided for use during the class. ( Butters and or oils, botanicals, fragrance additives etc.)

**Drinks & food ,Hors d'oeuvres provided



Fragrance options available: scented, unscented, scent for men 

 Registering and participating in this class means you agree to the following:

1) Wearing a face mask is optional
2) If you have a fever of 100 degrees or higher you can request a transfer to a future class
3) Creatively Covered Co LLC will not be held responsible for any injuries or allergic reactions due to the soap making process, the use of the products made during the soap making process and or final product. 

Interested in a private Soap & Sip party? Soap & Sips are perfect for date night. bachelorette parties, girls night out, theme parties, baby shower, bridal shower. Minimum party - 10.