Night Cap Body Souffle/Butter Sandal Wood and Bourbon Scented

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Do you suffer with dry skin and eczema. Our Body Soufflé / Butters are laden with all organic oils and butters to soothe the skin. They are whipped to perfection with oils an butters that will melt easily into your skin. Our butters consist of Organic Kokum Butter, Organic Shea Butter, Organic coconut oil, grape seed oil. Our Souffles & butters are in their most natural state and do not contain any preservatives. Use the scoops provided to use your products and avoid water.

For maximum results use after bathing while your skin is damp. Your skin will thank you as it receives all the nourishing goodness.


*** Due to the nature of all butters, they may melt in high temperatures. Butters are whipped oils and when whipped a solid form is created and the volume of product increases. When butters melt the volume decreases. While we do our best to package them with cool packs they may melt during transit. We also have no way to determine if drivers keep them on the truck long. If this happens it may seem that you have less as whipping creates volume. Place in your refrigerator and whip if you'd like to gain back some of your volume.  

**Allergies- We recommend testing our product on a patch of your skin to test for any potential allergies.**

**We highly recommend that you do not put wet fingers into your products so as not to form bacteria. Our Souffles / Butters are made without preservatives.**

Limited Edition Fragance oil scents

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